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  • Trijit shifts and launched its datacenter services as TWS (Trijit Web Services)
  • Trijit introduces a new support level mainly known as "Legendary Support".
  • Trijit datacenter facilities are well knowed since people starts talking about it.
Access Cloud Data

Data Access Management

Get stored and access your private data from anywhere-anytime directly from TRIJIT CLOUD SERVERS, when it's required for you. You can store your files, folders, contacts, calendars, audio, video and photo galleries, tasks and more into TRIJIT Cloud Storage and Backup application server. And you can access the same from your the accessible devices like desktop, laptop, web browser and mobile devices.

Cloud Data Sync

Trijit Cloud Synchronization

From Trijit Cloud Backup and Storage application server you can sync and store your files, folders, tasks, calendars, contacts, audio, video & photo galleries and more in your private devices. You can sync your data from Trijit Cloud Synchronization at anywhere-anytime through desktop and web client provided by TRIJIT.

Cloud Data Share

Cloud Data Sharing

Through TRIJIT CLOUD Storage and Backup hosted application you can share your own data with anyone privately or publicly as per your preference, since its allover your private data which only you will have the complete control over your data. From TRIJIT CLOUD you can share all you data like files, folders, contacts, calendars, tasks, audio, video & photo galleries, documents and more.

Cloud Storage and Backup - User Interface

Trijit Cloud Application User Interface

Our cloud backup and storage application is designed in such way that it clearly differentiates the internal apps navigation and this which allows the user to clearly focus and navigate on the particular cloud directory for respective storage data. Our software is designed to help more on the data which feels easy to navigate and sync to your private accessible devices.

Cloud Storage and Backup - Powerful Search

Powerful Search Made Easy

Our powerful search help you in not only searching files/data with the name but also with the content in the files, which gives user to search any content from his/her own cloud account. So TRIJIT CLOUD application gives best experience to user to find any file or content in the file easily without facing any difficulties by scanning the whole cloud account.

Cloud Storage and Backup - User Documentation

User Documentation in Cloud Application

Trijit provides the user document on using the Trijit cloud backup and storage application along with the FAQ's. This feature which gives you knowledge on our cloud application usage and provides you the space to raise your questions and get answers from our cloud support team and in fact your errors may also get fixed.

Cloud File Versioning

File Versioning in Trijit Cloud Storage

This feature of Trijit cloud backup application automatically expire the older version of files when you are running out of space. Our application runs versioning revisions for every two seconds for first ten seconds, every 10 seconds for the next minute, every minute for the next hour, every hour for the next 24 hours and one revision per day until running out of storage space.

Contacts on Cloud

Contacts - Individual and Groups

Our contact features is organized in such way that you can create not only contacts but you can also group them like friends, coworkers, family and more to give more intuitive access. And in our cloud application viewing the contact is adjustable to the browser and device you use to access our cloud backup and storage application through browser.

Cloud Calendar

Calendars - Store and Share

This feature from our cloud application enables you to store the events, meetings, more on your calendars and you can share the same with your individual contacts or groups of your choice in no time.

Cloud External Storage

Supports External Storage

Our backup and storage application allows you to mount your other (external) storage application like DropBox, FTPs, Swift, GoogleDocs, Amazon S3 and external WebDAV servers which is significantly more prominent and more user-friendly.

Cloud Photo and Video Galleries

Included with Audio, Video and Photo Galleries

With our cloud application gallery feature you can store and controls your photos, audio, video files in better way by storing and accessing all in respective/specific directories along with user friendly internal features of this app like sort order, share your galleries with any email address of your choice still with control over those shared files.

Cloud Document Viewer

Document Viewer - No download required

With this feature enabled in Trijit cloud backup and storage application you can open and read your document without downloading the file. Documents in our cloud application will get stored in ODF format (.odt, .odp, .ods), where the same can be viewed in the application itself accessing through browser which saves your bandwidth as well.

Cloud Storage and Backup Migration

Cloud Storage and Backup Migration

Through this features you can easily move two Trijit Cloud user accounts into one, if you have two user accounts with you. Or if you get dedicated cloud storage solution than you can easily move your own user's data into one single master user account and can get the backup of the same. i.e., now it's easy with our cloud solutions to merge two TRIJIT cloud storage and backup instance.


Stay updated with your Tasks List

With our cloud instance you can easily manage and keep track with all your own important tasks using Trijit Cloud Task Application. And also you can easily sync the same with your own accessible device for your convenient.

LDAP or Active Directory for Admin

Admin enabled LDAP / Active Directory

As this feature is only enabled to administer, so for you it will enabled when you get the Dedicated Trijit Cloud Storage Solution for your organization. From this feature your admin can manage your cloud storage users and groups from your organization users LDAP / Active Directory instance.