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  • Trijit shifts and launched its datacenter services as TWS (Trijit Web Services)
  • Trijit introduces a new support level mainly known as "Legendary Support".
  • Trijit datacenter facilities are well knowed since people starts talking about it.

Dedicated Power Servers

Our Power Dedicated Server solutions ranging from any mission-critical application servers, database servers, storage servers, larger websites hosting servers, high traffic forums & social media platforms and more. Trijit have one-stop solutions with best-ever configured servers for you. Starting range of dedicated servers delivered from TRIJIT are the well know and delivers values for money from HP, Dell, IBM & Super Micro servers.

We also offer a wide range of add-on features like hosting control panels, SSL certificates along with free stuffs like Trijit Mail which is professional edition webmail server for ease of email use and a control panel for both Linux and Windows servers.

Datacenter Location :    UK    USA India
  • Linux Web HostingLinux
  • Windows Web HostingWindows